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The Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling in Cary

remodel bathroomIf you are thinking of doing some bathroom remodeling Cary EZ Pro Bath, know that there are some major benefits to taking on this huge project.

This is one home improvement that will actually increase your home’s property value.   However, this is one project that you may need the experts for.  It is a tough one to do on your own.

In a recent survey, prospective home buyers agreed that an extra bathroom was more important to them than an upgraded kitchen. In fact, just adding a half bath to your house will actually increase your home’s value by nearly 11 percent. And if you add an additional full bath to the home, it adds another 20%.   Of course, upgrades to your existing bathroom go a long way towards the property value, too.

So, even if you are not thinking of selling your home right now, know that a bathroom today could mean big bucks in your pocket later on. And, in the meantime, you get the benefit of having an upgrade, newly remodeled, bathroom in your home!

If you are simply thinking of updating an older bathroom or upgrading a half bath to a full bath, the expense is not that great, and it will not take much time.  However, again, it is important to have a professional do the work, so that everything is done correctly, and it is done quickly and efficiently.

Remodeling Magazine says that no matter what you spend on bathroom remodeling, you can expect to get back about 67 percent of those costs when you do decide to sell your home.  Of course, even if you do not decide to sell, you get to enjoy what amounts to a brand new bathroom!

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GPS systems for fleet tracking decrease fuel expenses

A GPS tracking fleet system fleettrax.net is slowly gaining in popularity among fleet owners. In general, a GPS component is installed in every vehicle in order to track its exact location. The components can moreover observe a wide selection of vehicle information including engine start up and shutdown, idling, routes, and even speed. The following are benefits related to the use of GPS tracking systems:

Reduce Fuel Expenses

gps fleet trackingGPS systems for fleet tracking decrease fuel expenses by removing wasteful idling, an unauthorized vehicle usage, optimizing routes, and speeding.
Real-Time Vehicle Location Data

Through its intuitive interface, employers can quickly examine the location and direction of every vehicle. The fleet tracking company owner is able to know where all his vehicles are all the time, including where they have been, their arrival time, and the length of time that they have been at a particular location.

Avoid Time Sheet Disputes  

By utilizing GPS vehicle fleet tracking system, employers will know precisely when their drivers begin their shifts for the day, their locations, how many stops were made, and the time that they complete their deliveries. An owner will know if his staff has taken a detour home in order to obtain overtime or perhaps headed home for a nap or a long lunch. A GPS tracking system can notify the owner instantaneously when any of the aforementioned activities occur. Decreasing overtime pay can lead to more revenues for his company and less strain on his already tight budget.

Improve Safety with GPS Tracking

By using a vehicle fleet tracking system, owners have the power to curtail safety risks, which decreases road accidents, and eventually saves money. owners are able to scrutinize their drivers’ behaviors through amazing GPS technology, such as:

-Unauthorized usage
-Harsh braking
-Rapid Acceleration
-Drive Time
-Smarter Navigation

Fleet tracking companies can use the GPS to determine the simplest way to deliver and securely communicate. In addition, it can keep drivers on the right track with turn-by-turn directions. Drivers can also communicate with their managers without the disturbance of a cell phone. Lost drivers are often inattentive, and thus, become precarious drivers on the road.

Fleet companies should consider using a reputable GPS tracking fleet system to keep track of their drivers. A meticulous background check on the GPS Company is essential when looking at installing the system.


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